woensdag 26 oktober 2011


Our Dutch Feltgroup will celebrate their 20th anniversary next year. Every member is challenged to make a felted tile with a limited size of 30x30cm. They can be flat or 3D and all will be assembled to one big wall. We have been experimenting in at our annual meeting this spring with some technics and idea's, but there was something else on my mind.

some try-outs in Turkish Ottomanstyle and cut-outtechnique (both not finished yet)

I wanted to make something with natural dyes and printing. Each tile with one monoprint on a clear background. But nothing so unpredictable as mother nature. My dye acted as a thunderstorm. It was so dark on the edges and so cloudy in the centre, despite the linenresists I had use to protect the centre. I cleared area's with lemonjuice, which lighten up the whole thing. It was a surpise to see prints on the linenresists. They are like little paintings and so I stitched them at the other side. I still cannot decide a front and a back. It will be a doublefaced tile. Unfortunately I wouldn't split my serie of four and decided to keep them myself.

monoprints on thick nunofelt with mapple-leave and eucalyptus (not finished yet)

What to do next, the deadline was in a few days. Thinking of a tile I came up with words as clean, geometric and simple so I ended up with a natural one. Finaly I made two with some ecodyed nunotextures in the theme 'connection'.

Connection - the completed tiles I send in for the expo-wall next year at the 20th anniversary in 2012 of the VKG, the Dutch feltcontactgroup

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  1. ooooh, some LOVELY things going on over here, Dorie! I'm behind on what you have been doing...must catch up - this is all too good to miss :>]]


  2. Heerlijk om zo mee te mogen kijken met waar je mee bezig bent... IMG_0420.jpg is mijn absolute favoriet :D