dinsdag 23 april 2013

Show must go on!

The show must go on, to start with a full week Diana Nagorna from the Ukraine!

showmodels of Diana Nagorna's dresses

dress made of only wool by Diana Nagorna, 18 April 2013
I was in such a good flow, having good idea's and I could handle all the stress. Untill that split of a second. Hubby was hanging up the last lamp in our renewed atelier and asked me for my 'approval'. I made a turn, didn't lift up my foot (probably because of my distrophy) overbend my knee and before I knew I was swimming on the ground. After two days I went to a doctor and the photo showed a broken ankle. It needed surgery with 7 screws, 1 pin and a plate and 2 nights hospital. Plus 4 weeks no walking. And this all happened two weeks ago, just before the season with all my guests. Now way to cancel this because of such a thing. So I decided to go on, to start with as first Diana Nagorna, a week full of felting and demonstration.

one of the participants showing the dress Diana Nagorna made on the first day
Diana's work is one of a kind. She started feltmaking a couple of years ago and she developped her own style. She is talented with skills and creativity. She knows how to flower a woman's body, the quality of her felt is superb and the finishing of the garments are perfect. Her sensitivity for the right colours are tremendous.
particpants are 'testing' the quality of the felt of the jacket Diana Nagorna
In the seminars Diana has showed her secrects how to make a dress, which fits as a handglove and she demonstrated a complex jacket with a hoodie and shibori. She shared her knowledge and her patterns. In the workshop she teached how to make a felted scarf with bumps and fringes. All participants were very satisfied. One student went home after the first day and came back on the last seminar with two finished dresses! Another student had worked on one sleeve untill the middle of the night to test the way Diana is working. Some students worked the whole evening to get felted the hundreds of fringes.

happy students with their finished scarves workshop Diana Nagorna 19, 20 April 2013
It was such a great privilege and pleasure to have Diana as a guest during these days. I also want to thank Natalia, for translating all the technical explaination and being a helping hand during the days.
I'am still sitting in a wheelchair, there are a couple of weeks to go before I may walk, but with the help of my family the show will go on. Thanks to them too!

lovely group with particpants from all over the world, 2days seminar Diana Nagorna 21-22 April 2013

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  1. Ooh Dorie wat ziet er dat fantastisch uit. Ik kan de sfeer bijna proeven bij jullie. Hoop dat het met jou snel beter mag gaan. We zien elkaar in juni! verheug er me op. lieve groet,

  2. Wat een doorzettingsvermogen! Ik bewonder je.

  3. Wat ben jij een kei! "Niet zeuren, doorgaan". De foto's geven een goede impressie van de sfeer en de prachtige technieken van Diana.

  4. Looks like a wonderful week, happy students and you, still able to organize! feel better soon and good wishes for the rest of the classes, and arriving students and teachers.