woensdag 17 juli 2013

Strongfelt, Lisa Klakulak

Lisa arrived very early at the morning of 19th June 2013. She had some troubles to get the right flights because of some stormy weather in her area. Her suitcases were on another plane and we had to wait for a couple of hours. This gave us the chance to chitchat in the juicebar at Schiphol. It is always a surprise to meet someone who is only known by the internet. In this case a very pleasant surprise. The first thing I learned was to pronounce her name well; the accent is on the KU in her familyname! Lisa is a lovely, talkative person and my family and I had a good click with her.

Lisa was happy with the workshop-space and prepaired the needs for the participants for the 2 workshops with partial felts in 3D and nunofelt creations. She works very structured and her approach to the proces or feltmaking is very unique. Her Strongfelt analises make a lot of sense to the students.

The group of students in both classes came from many countries, like Gemany, England, Tsjechie, Belgium, Israel, Denmark, Austria and ofcourse some from the Netherlands too. They learned a lot for sure. Bringing the big world to my humble atelier makes it all worthwhile.  

In the next few days I shall post little by little about each other event that took place at my atelier and I shall talk about my own collection 'Summer Darkness' this year.

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