donderdag 8 augustus 2013

one show after another....

Time flies.. there is so much to do that I just cannot keep track with the same speed as the clock is ticking. I try to keep my blog updated, but it feels that this is ages ago. Anyway here is the link to a video Bea, one of the models, made of the show at the OBA in Amsterdam on th 11th. July 2013. And ofcourse it feels good that we were in the METRO-paper the next day. It's a photo of the preview with two of my garments, showed by left and Louca (right). The one behind is Asia Prusinowska.

we're in the newspaper Metro!

I'm also part of a weekend exhibition at Fort Galerie in Uithoorn, where Henny Woud shall exhibit her paintings and Sabrina Woud shall lightens her special waterbuoy made from willow branches. I shall open this exhibition on Fridayevening with my own small fashionshow. And although it seems that this is the same show, I have some fears. How to fill  the show and please the audience with the amount of pieces I had made last time. And this show will be totaly on my behalf, no more Horst who can guide it or any other technical assistence as there was at the OBA.  I have some ideas but I just don't know if they works....

my brother is checking the poster of the exhibition and fashionshow

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    more photo's of the show!