donderdag 13 februari 2014

the making of....... Valentine hearts

 I wish everybody a lucky time with eachother.

A few years ago I made a nuno felted top with all kind of textures which could be worn also as a neckcoll. I gave it the name 'bubblegum'. BUT............... unfortunately it was to thick and not so comfortable to wear... I guess. Anyway it was never sold.

 So with the Valentine in my head I cut the top up into twenty hearts. I handstitched them all and styled the window of Artwear Jordaan with all those hearts. If you want one for your sweethearth, please visit the shop on Friday, Valentine Day. Or make it a Valentine Weekend and visit the shop on Saturday.

I have to credit my son who made the lovely photo above. When I was looking for the best shot, he grabbed my camera, change the display and just made the photo with one shoot.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. wat gaaaaaf mijn lievelings kleur....maar het wordt ook wel bordeel roze genoemd

    kijk maar uit in je winkeltje


  2. Heel erg mooi Dorie..........................hartverwarmend! XXXm

  3. He dorie wat een goed idee, en met die structuur zien ze er lekker voelbaar uit!

    Groet Irma

    1. dank je wel voor je reactie Irma, ze voelen niet alleen lekker, ze ruiken ook nog eens lekker...