dinsdag 8 november 2011

Dagmar Binder

This weekend I finaly had the opportunity to follow a workshop with Dagmar Binder from Germany. I love her work very much because of her textures and fine qualtity of felts. Dagmar makes the most gorgeous layered 3D textures in felt. She is definitively inspired by the beauties of nature. She showed photo's with some of her small works and explained very well how to make the most of them.

We have been practising some of the techniques in a small sample, which I wrapped around a bottle. Looked it first as a mini-skirt, in this way it becomes more like an object and the layers are getting much more depth. Uhmmm, I like this concept and it gives some possibilities for more experimenting.

For the bigger project on the second day I took some photo's of the birch tree in my garden. It has some interesting structures, textures and 'hidden' colours. So I have tried to catch this in a piece of felt. Under the white and brown layers of wool and organza I layed down a layer of different kind of oranges. At the very end of the felting proces I cut open the cracks and made a lot of small cutinglines in the upperlayer. The more lines, the better the look-a-like of a birch.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Fantastici questi lavori...Ti ricordi di me ?sono Carla dall'Italia, ( vari corsi da Ruth )
    Un abbraccio affettuoso !

  2. Perdon, pero solo hablo español, no puedo dejar la oportunidad de felicitar por tan maravilloso trabajo, vivo en Chile y estoy empezando con el fieltro, Susana

  3. Molto bello questo studio di corteccia