woensdag 30 november 2011

just around the corner

I have promissed myself to be at least 15 minutes outside. And the ones who knows me, knows also that this is a big challenge for me. Walking isn't that easy for me, special when the days are getting colder and nastier. So to keep myself warm, I collect fallen leaves. And just look what's close to me, just around the corner. Although it is almost wintertime, there is still much to find due to the soft authumn days we have here in the Netherlands. My rosebush gave beautifull small reddark leaves, I found some walnutleaves, wild geraniumleaves, cotinus and bark from the dead eucalyptustree. With this I made a sample on silk noil and some mono-printed strips for my friends birthday. All were dipped in a homemade ash-solution. I was surpised with the strong outcome.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Je hebt beweging in de frisse lucht, houdt jezelf warm met blaadjes oprapen en maakt en passant ook nog interessante textielkunst................heel goed voor de 1e dag van december!

  2. oh, dorie, wat een mooie wandeling is het geworden. Met bladerafdrukken.

  3. wow....these are gorgeousxxlynda