vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Start from where you are

looking back, looking forward .... 
signing commitments, making promisses ....
having big plans, dreaming about new steps ...

just think that it all starts with one first step,
it starts from where you are NOW
all you need to do is focus on that 

This is our wishcard for 2012, sending out today on the day of the Three Kings. I know a little bit late, but still at time. It happens to me that I have always so many projects in my mind, so many things I like to do, a thousand of deciscions to make that when I sit back and comes to a point of focussing my body and mind start to relax. There is no necessary to force the nature, to force the energy. Just let it happen and the answers will be close to you.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Estoy iniciando mi trabajo con lanas y estoy feliz, vivo en Chile, hablo español y disfruto mucho aprendiendo de mis amigas talentosas como tu, tefelicito por tu blog, Susana.

  2. mooie gedachte Dorie en het juiste om te doen. Dank je wel op een geweldig jaar voor jou en je familie!

  3. Werkelijk prachtig Dorie. Go with the flow...
    De beste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar en geniet van je creatieve krachten.