woensdag 18 januari 2012

carnaval-wrap with brasilwood

I'am not sure why I fall in love with this colour, maybe it are the raining and dark days were having here in the Netherlands. With this colour there is no bad luck on Friday the 13th or a blue monday at the third monday in January. With this colour there will be a shiny bright feeling allover! Lately I have done some tests in my dyelab with brasilwood and it is amazing how many colours you can get from one colour. I'am still searching for some answers before making any conclusions.

In this nunofelted wrap I have combined a brasilwooddyebath with the natureprints of eucalyptus, orangeleaves picked from the orange storeboxes at the supermarket, onion and dried sumacleaves in a hotbundle around a iron pipe. When opening it gave me all these colour-surprises!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Dorie this is more then beautiful..............
    As long as you keep on printing and dyeing there wont be dark days around.
    In mijn eigen taaltje is het gemakkelijker....ik vind het helemaal te gek wat jij doet!

  2. gorgeous colours..glad you are enjoying yourself.xx

  3. So beautiful...so warming. And just what one would need for grey days- physical or emotional! A wonderful experiment in colours...

  4. No matter what you use for printing; natural colours always tend to make a wonderful combination. Beautiful Dorie!