dinsdag 21 mei 2013

High Team Time with Pamela MacGregor from the USA

Pamela MacGregor and her table full of equipment
Pam arrived very early in the morning on mothersday and after a good day rest she was ready to discover first some parts of the Netherlands. Totaly refreshed we started on the 17th May with a group of 12 ladies. Most of them were from the Netherlands, but there were also three members of the board of the Irish Felt Assiociation with us.
interesting handle for an interesting teapot made by Pam
This was a masterclass with so many possibilities and with outstanding results. Pam had brought some beautiful teapots and there was for every student a 'goodiebag'. As an experienced teacher she showed us all kind of tools, most of time found at the DIYshop or toolshop, or self-developed and handmade. Every daily and common object or houseware was useful. Even in our greenhouses she grabbed some stuff to use it for making the pots. Her eye is never resting!!!
Anne building up the layers for her bumps teapot
A teapot is about the body, the sprout, the handle and the stopper. And with these basics you can play. Pam brought many designs with her, but we had to make our own. And after showing the design you could choose the pattern that was going with it. I enjoyed watching the developments of the participants in making the pots. I couldn't resist the offer the next day to make myself one too. On saturdaymorning Pam had prepared me a table with all the equipment so I was able to start immediately. My sister prepared the lunch for that day, so I could spend all day making the teapot with 'must-go' wool.

colourful Punam working on the fish in the teapot 
The best is to work with wool that makes good and hard finishing skin for sculptures. The techniques Pam showed are not only usefull for making teapots, but can be helpfull in any fantasy sculpture or pot you want to make. Pam likes to finish the work as she would with ceramics. Kneding and petting to get it very, very strong and the bottom as hard as concrete. At home it can take her many days to reach that level, without any hardener or stiffener.

Minka working on the finishing touch for her Dutch flowerpot
my own attempt in making a teapot before final finishing.
It was a challenge for Pam to work with us, because we all had different kind of wools and designs. But at the end of the three days the results were fabulous and a real high tea worth. Thanks Pam for sharing your knowledge and experience. There are still some 'must-go' wool with me to make some more pots and I'm looking forward to the special 'Dorie' pot you will make soon....

the red hot chilli teapot of Karen is taking a siesta..
In a next post I will show all the results!