donderdag 24 april 2014

colourful Easter with Ulla Lapiolahti

While the most of the people were searching for eggs and eating them, we were gathered for a 3 days class in printing with natural dyes and earthpigments with Ulla Lapiolahti. I have met her through her blog where she shared her experiments of natural prints on photopaper.

Ulla teached us how to make the dyebaths with madder, logwood, cochenille and reseda. After that we were able to make pastes with them. She also told the participants how to use earthpigments. They made a lot of samples on all kind of fabrics to test colours, combinations and different printing techniques. Everybody was free to experiment in the way they wanted to. In this way we have inspired eachother and learned many new ways to colour the surface with natural dyes.