dinsdag 5 september 2017

time flies when you're having fun

During the past few months there were great tutors with interesting topics. All of these workshops and masterclasses has asked a lot of preparations and attention. I'm getting ready for the last few months with very talented artist (see masterclasses), but first let me show the ones who were before:

Natalya Brashovetska with beautiful boots:

Leentje van Hengel with rainbow colours from the dyepot and with paste

Pia Best with Indigo Meets Ecoprint

AnaRita de Albequeurque with Cyanotype and E-textiles

Ellen van der Wiel with 'Puzzling and Painting'

Irit Dulman with surface design with leaves on natural dyed fabrics

maandag 6 februari 2017

new schedule for 2017

It took a while, but our programm is online!! With teachers as Natalya Brashovetskaya, Leentje van Hengel, Ellen van der Wiel, Pia Best, AnaRita Albuquerque, Elisabeth Berthon, Irit Dulman, Ricarda Assmann and more.

We will work the coming months on more workshops, so keep an eye on this blog,
or follow our facebookpage FB-page Atelier Fiberfusing

new schedule 2017

workshop Cyanotype with AnaRita Albuquerque